There is nothing more satisfactory than carrying out a project developed together with the local citizenship. It is of high value the fact of having the chance to get local society involved in organizing an event which celebrates and pays tribute to the past, the present and the future of their own town.

Hortzmuga Teatroa has been participating in the events of Burdin Jaia for many years. In fact, Abanto-Zierbena, and Gallarta in particular, hosts this event aiming at doing homage to men and women who had worked and died in the mines. For this purpose, the company will organize an artistic walk through the area including some scenes dramatizing the past life of miners.

This theatrical walk* will be represented during two days and developed by 25 local citizens from 8 to 80. In fact, those participants have been preparing this show in advance in a theatre workshop organized by Hortzmuga during a month.

Furthermore, this year, the Ascent of Silence* will take place for the first time so as to pay tribute to those who worked and died in the strip mining of the site of Gallarta. During this ascent, local citizens taking part in this event will take candles and little lanterns with them. At the same time, members of Hortzmuga together with the participants of the theatre workshops and some musicians will join the ascent splashing it with art and culture, by means of theatrical perfomances which will bring to life old images. This way, the past life of mining in Gallarta will be remembered by this emotive ceremony.

At the end of the walk, all the candles and little lanterns will be collected and turn into a site specific. Afterwards, an exhibition will come from the pyrotechnics of Lekeittioko Deabruak and the life music of Ibon Aguirre.

We invite you to come and join us in order to enjoy the festival with Hortzmuga and Gallarta’s citizenship. All the activities will take place during this weekend, october 3rd and 4th.

Come and join us, we are looking forward to see you there.

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