As the years go by, and we’re already in 2015, we realise how fast time flies and how hard it is to keep track of everything and everybody we fly past.

By way of a round up for the sake of our memories, 2014 was an incredibly intense year for our company, which turned 25 and didn’t get a moment to celebrate. We wanted to throw a party but never found the time. We were, though, awarded a prize, possibly the most touching and satisfying, “THE HONORARY UMORE AZOKA AWARD” for our career in the industry; we perambulated Miguel Unamuno’s memory about his native Bilbao in “UNAMUNOREN ATZETIK”; we kicked off the season with “I WAS THERE…AND THEY DIDN’T TELL IT THE WAY I SAW IT” in D´FERIA, travelling to Gopegi, IMAGINARIUS in Santa Maria de Feira (Portugal), to FETA in Gdansk (Poland) and, to end up, passing the hat around in the streets of AURILLAC (Francia); after much blood, sweat and tears we premiered “NOLA”, our latest creation; Dori, Arthur and Otto travelled the length and breadth of Spain with “LIBERTIA”, looking for freedom; we filled Irun and Hondarribia with pots of gold alongside Artelatz and Txingudi Mankomunitatea; we were excellent HOSTS, touring land and estuary, to show off Bilbao’s past, present and future; we bade farewell to “MARIJAIA” on our dear Nervión; we celebrated and supported Basque Street Arts in Hondarribia’s “ARTEKALE EGUNA”; we had a ball, toasting the art of reflection in “PUESTOS A ELEGIR (IF IT COMES DOWN TO IT)”; and when we realised where we were, it was time for hugs all round with Bilbao Dendak and our yearly excursion through the streets of Bilbao with all the fun and fantasy of the “OLENTZERO” and friends.

As 2015 opens and new projects appear, we’re still in a rush and we’re still frightened, the same dynamic is there, moving us and moving us along, the same frustration of not knowing what awaits us, but the same need to risk everything, put everything on the line and live for what we love, the THEATRE.

ESKERRIK ASKO to all of you, and we’ll see you out in the street!



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