I was there, and… they didn’t tell it the way I saw it

An explosion in a public place leaves several dead and wounded. Confusion and chaos. The media broadcasts information and misinformation. An arrest and a suspect in custody. Party politics manipulate the facts. Fabrication of an official version allows those in power to generate civil turmoil and to distract attention from other less transparent issues. The media never questions the official version. Social networks show another censured reality. Society and Media on trial. And finally another piece of news, another day, another goal, no problema – the Champion reigns.

“The truth”, as usual, as most things, belongs to a few and, once again, it hasn’t been revealed to us…

A show where THE NEWS is the sole protagonist. 

“I was there, and… they didn’t tell it the way I saw it” is a live, modern theatrical experience for unconventional spaces. With an original and innovative staging with versatile light-generating structures that create spaces and images, it is meant for an active adult public that enters the scene and lives the events firsthand.