Streets turn us on. They lure us, they feed us, they drug us. We were born in the streets and after every performance we die a little in the streets too.

2016 was a year of many opportunities, including travelling to Slovenia; taking part in Donostia 2016 (in the Zubideak programme) and in Festival del Sur of Agüimes; performing our Tómbola 0.0 (0 attacks. 0 inequality) in the fiestas of different neighbourhoods around Bilbao; covering kilometres to visit and revisit squares in towns old and new; joining The Hosts and the theatrical journeys of @Begotxudelbotxo and her friend Mirentxu down the estuary of Bilbao as part of the Basque Fest; participating once again in Fitur; appearing in the Txikigune with our big red bus, Bilbobusa Gorri, and her driver Alonso in Bilbao’s Aste Nagusia; sitting on professional round tables in national and international festivals and fairs; escorting the Olentzero and his retinue along the streets of Bilbao, Abusu and San Inazio, among others. Lots of opportunities and a lot of luck, or rather, lots of hard work; because behind every performance there is a lot of work, a lot of people, a lot of everything…

2017 has begun and this new year looks to be brimming with new opportunities for our theatre company. New challenges to tackle with even more energy – if such a thing is possible – like taking our very own senile revolution around as many towns, cities and capitals as possible, in the guise of FEMMES, those sweet, and not-so-sweet old ladies with their battering ram of protests and their weapons of mass hysterics as they reduce their audiences to helpless laughter.

We’ll also be laughing and playing with JULE, our new family street-theatre show which we are weaving together, with great care, with Rosa Díaz, La Rous. JULE talks about imagination and dreams of adventure, about the importance of relationships between different generations in a family, or the lack of them.And we’ll be going back to performing at night, with our new adult show which, this year, is a co-production with the Arriaga Theatre.

But we’ll carry on working on lots of other theatre projects here and there – projects which are our life blood but also sap our strength. Ah well, a sweet death, indeed.

So here’s to a year-ful of theatre for each and every one of us!

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