FEMMES, never underestimate a woman knitting.

There is a man in the USA, with the same name as Disney’s duck but who isn’t funny at all, doing his own things like building walls or cutting social budgets. Unfortunately, there is not a better scenario throughout the rest of the world.

The current situation appears uncertain and surreal, and what’s more, society seems to be on the edge of a cliff. However, four old women, four grannies, have arrived to fight against the system and make revolution in the streets. With their fits raised, they criticise the absurd context in which we are living, by means of a laugh and humour.

Leaders in power, you should be ready, FEMMES revolution has just arrived. This year, FEMMES will move all around the world, for instance, FIT CARRER DE VILAREAL, UMORE AZOKA, KALEALDIA, KALDEARTE and many more.

It’s the time for transgression and provocation. Let’s fight and shout in the streets. Get your ski mask ready, the riot has just started.

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