My heart is beating fit to burst. The hum from the audience is building. The house-lights are down. The music strikes up. I look at them and they are looking at me, wrapped in nerves which swing from excitement to fear of the unknown. Conversations hush as expectations rise, while,  close by, a spotlight follows a woman…They don’t have many opportunities to be right in the midst of things like they are now – most times, like in real life, they are used to watching from the sidelines.

There’s an explosion, sirens, smoke, pushing,…Bewilderment and respectable people not knowing where to put themselves, alert to something they can tell is different.

We talk about manipulation and power, about one of those tragic stories which politicians feed off, news programmes are full of and society is served up “ready for sentencing”.

They move and we move them; caught up as they are in the maelstrom of the performance. Hither and thither, like lambs they flock to the information, listen to the data and even see what others do not.

Eventually, fact and fiction combine and they are the ones to decide. In fact, the last scene turns into a game, and a catalyst for all the indignation which has so comfortably swaddled us all for so long.

They hurl balls and insults and, as happens in real life, some hit the target, others hurt, and they reflect. They question. And they question. Applause, more whispering and huddles of conversation, and as they leave the square their heads are buzzing: “WHAT THEY TELL US IS NOT WHAT I SAW”


FIRA TARREGA 6th and 7th September. Sant Eloi-Pla del diposit. 11pm

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