This summer, in spite of the crisis or just because of it, Hortzmuga teatroa offers its “I was there and… they didn’t tell it the way I saw it” show, not only in the Basque Country, but also out, as many amama (grandma) and aitite (grandpa) would say, abroad.

Our tour has already started. First, last May, we shared our experiences with the Portuguese audience at MEO IMAGINARIUS Festival in Santa Maria da Feira. The Festival has a varied and interesting programme and it has become one of the most important street-events in Portugal.

But we don’t want to stop there and, on Saturday, 20th of June, we have a new appointment with the public from Álava, at FESTIKALE in Zigoitia. Located in the heart of Gorbeia Nature Park, that new Theatre Exhibition will turn Gopegi into a new theatrical space devoted tothe outdoor theatre.

The audience also will have the opportunity to live through our show at the FETA International Street & Open-Air Theatres Festival in Poland, on 12th and 13th of June. FETA’s aim is to find rupture, quality and innovation in every outdoor-proposal.

And our tour, for the moment, will end up this year in the Festival D’Aurillac-Festival International de Théàtre de Rue, in the Off. We would like to be part of the In programme, but it is reserved for French productions and co-productions and resident companies. However, the simple fact of being programmed in this Festival, from 20th to 23rd of August, is nothing to sneeze at. It is one of the biggest European outdoor-art appointments, which takes lots of people and programmers from all over the world.

Just because of that, we hope to continue showing our “I was there and… They didn’t tell it the way I saw it” this year and the next, in every event interested in living, contemporary and breaking theatrical experience in outdoor-theatre. Engaged theatre.

And, resorted to a popular saying, “what starts well, ends well”.

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