New good purposes.

We are not more nor less than anyone else. A new year has come and, again, the so-called “purposes” are already trending topic on social nets and Media, no matter if they are good or new or, just, the ordinary ones that are usually forgotten in a week.

For instance, to quit smoking, drink more water, practice sport more often or spend less money (although this is almost impossible for a theatre company since we should have it first). In our list of purposes, there is a particular one, written in Arial 30, in bold, in Day-Glo and underlined; it says JULE, which is our new street theatre proposal intended for a family audience, expected to be firstly released in May and having Rosa Díez, La Rous, as Director’s Assistant.

This year, we almost celebrate 30 years of artistic trajectory and, for that reason, we go for telling stories, stories that move our inside, stories of own creation, stories that make audiences travel, get thrilled or roar with laughter, stories shaking their minds. However, JULE is not only a purpose but a fact, a real one, already in creation-process and wandering around. JULE already keeps us awake, excites and worries us, keeps us focused and busy. JULE is imagination and fantasy, but also talks about human relations among relatives and about reaching for and achieve our own dreams. Our own wishes, those projects that we create and nurture from our childhood and that, sometimes, never achieve. JULE means woman. JULE smells of street. JULE is active participation of audience. JULE is action and humour. But, above all, JULE is the passion for the theatre we love and that makes us somehow different.


2018 has brought other new projects, we will tell you about them soon. Meanwhile, we will go for our new good purposes. Oh shit, we have already lost our list…

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