Just a year ago, Jule, Marga, Benito and Bea were born thanks to the priceless help of La Rous, Rosa Díaz; lovingly nicknamed as Andereño (teacher).

Those days were very intense and emotional, we all cried with laughter and discovered great things… That was the starting point of this great adventure called JULE. Just afterwards, we were already focused on rehearsals, music, sound, atrezzo and more rehearsals.

We offered the first open session for the best audience ever, the students of the School of Pentzia, who followed the story with huge interest and eager to dream with us. And although we were very nervous, they reacted with big smiles so JULE was born in a great mood.

The premiere in Umore Azoka 2018 was great and, from that moment on, we started a long tour all around the country. We came across knowing, active and emotional looks in every town we performed.

In 2019, JULE will restart its trip in FETEN, the European Performing Arts Fair for Children, where street theatre is more and more strenghtening its presence and putting down roots.


While the world is witness to Trump willing to build a wall, to Spanish Vox ruling Andalusia and, in Brasil, to Balsonero asking for boys to get worn in blue and girls in pink, and a long et cetera, we celebrate 30 years of artistic trayectory. Less innocent and more aware of the world where performing arts must survive, staring at daily events around, those happenings that move us, more than ever.

30 years dreamming stories and connecting with audiences, face to face. 30 years during which our hair goes grey and our bones hurt but, unfortunately, we haven’t found the keys for teleportation or for authomatic loading and unloading of the van.

Now, we can only look back for reminding who we are and for never forgetting it. Now, let’s see where it goes, the trip that we began in 1989. It’s time to keep on walking because as Benedetti said, we are fucked up and radiant, more first than second, and also viceversa.

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