NOLA, a show to experience.

Imagine you’re planning on going to see some street theatre. There’s a strange pyramid in the middle of the square with NOLA emblazoned on it. It doesn’t look as though anyone’s about – but appearances can be deceptive.

Imagine three eccentric-looking characters come out of the pyramid and greet you mysteriously. You are one of the twenty-four lucky people chosen to take this dream-like voyage which will begin with you putting down on paper a dream of your own.

The group you now form part of selects one of these dreams, and inside the pyramid the chosen dream will come true. Still rather hesitant, you let yourself be led inside. There you set off on a journey of sights, sounds and suggestions which will take you to the hidden depths of your subconscious.

You enter a space where this dream will indeed come true. Your senses are alert, your nerves are on edge and, just when you least expect it – just as in a dream – the whole thing comes to an end. Once back outside you start wondering how it was possible, while another group of dreamers with a dream to follow, take your place.

Imagine this experience is a show called NOLA. Imagine no further. All this is not a figment of your imagination.

The XVI Umore Azoka saw the grand opening of Hortzmuga Theatre’s new production, connecting with the audience in a different kind of spectacle which makes dreams come true. 160 dreamers have already given us a piece of themselves and Hortzmuga has inaugurated its dream archive through which NOLA will grow and grow.

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