FEMMES is roving street theatre – without text, conceived to interrupt public spaces, intent on getting passers-by to join in, taking the lead roles, supporting roles or extras in a story they will help to create in every town, neighbourhood, city and square they appear in.

FEMMES is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to coincidence is pure reality.


There is a world where puppets can be free; that world is known as Libertia. Written in an old book abandoned among pieces of cardboard and plastic, televisions, closets and various debris, this prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Dori, Arthur and Otto, three puppets left to their fate, will be the ones to carry it out. To do so, as it is written, they will be helped by puppets and dolls from all over the world. However, the trip to Libertia will not be without challenges and dangers.


This show is about living a daily life experience, coming across our own reality, where some people escape whereas others have a good time, where some shout whereas others laugh, where some are ready to buy whereas others to sell out; life is a trade in which everybody is doing business.