Hortzmuga Teatroa has recently had an opportunity to pass on some of what we’ve learnt over our 26 years in Street Arts. For the last term, we’ve been training a group of students from the Barakaldo Theatre’s stage school, the BAI. Our objective was not only to transmit know-how to these young people just starting out in the world of acting, but also to get their mouths watering for a taste of Street Theatre.

It has been a revolutionary experience for both Hortzmuga and the students themselves. They discovered what urban space is, investigating the possibilities it has to offer and surprising themselves with the strength generated when artistic expression takes to the street. The students experimented with street audiences, captivating passers-by and learning to draw on and play on their curiosity about what they were up to.

Most of all, and what we are proudest about as teachers of this trade, they discovered that urban space belongs to them and their audiences, despite ever more restrictions on its use, and that there are many stories to be told on there.

Our next project is to create a piece for this year’s ACT festival, held every June in Bilbao and Barakaldo. We’re really looking forward to it! Many thanks to BAI for giving us this chance to spread a taste for Street Arts.


Bizkaiko Antzerki Ikastegia / Centro de formación escénica

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