We do matter about street arts and, therefore, about its future. For that reason, we have decided to start transmitting our knowledge, learnt from our professional experience throughout 27 years of working on the streets. For that purpose, we are sowing seeds among students from BAI, Barakaldoko Antzerki Ikastegia (the School of Theatre of Barakaldo). There, we analyse and work on public space and its use. In addition, we underline the importance of the audience; not only the ones already catched but also the ones passing by or the ones who have decided to pop in. All of them are important for us. We nurture them with a wide range of national and international street works so that they can see and learn that there are plenty of ways of developing street arts. And, of course, we try to enrich them with new knowledge and materials so as to enhance their interest and get them full of enthusiasm on street arts. To sum up, here we found a great and a very appropriate place and people to sow our seeds.

Thank you so much to BAI and to those who “play” with us every Thursday.



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