When time is the only thing you don’t have enough of, when your life revolves around you counting the minutes, when you’re feeling shagged and old – more often the first than the second and vice versa – it’s time to wake up, synchronise your watches and act. It’s time for FEMMES.

Four grumpy old ladies, four revolutionary, vindictive grannies who have woken up to the situation of disenchantment, dissatisfaction and social unrest and are thoroughly versed in everything they see and hear in the Press and on the street, decide to take the law into their own hands and stage a revolution – a new movement to rouse the world with their absurdly aggressive methods and radically inconvenient protests.

FEMMES is a hymn to the demands and political incorrectness of a group of old ladies who have become converts to social neo-activism, and taken to provocation as a new way of life / struggle / protest (delete where applicable).

FEMMES is roving street theatre – without text, conceived to interrupt public spaces, intent on getting passers-by to join in, taking the lead roles, supporting roles or extras in a story they will help to create in every town, neighbourhood, city and square they appear in.

FEMMES is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to coincidence is pure reality.