Libertia is a fantastic adventure created by the troupe itself, in which puppets, larger dolls, actors and humour are combined. A street theatre show that addresses freedom from the viewpoint of childhood.

Libertia tells us the story of three puppets that need to be physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared in order to be free. Three characters with different personalities: one fleeing from feminine roles and displaying qualities of daring, audacity and initiative; the second preferring to delve in his creativity and use his imagination as a way of facing life, but always expecting to be told what he should do or say; and the third, coward and timorous,  incapable of facing the world. Throughout this adventure, all characters will become conscious of who they are, of their strengths and weaknesses.

Libertia is a metaphor on the moment in which boys and girls feel that they can be more autonomous and independent, and how they live that moment. Not all boys and girls evolve likewise, and they all have their own rhythm. Thus, the three protagonists will follow different processes of evolution, though this will not prevent them from accepting each other, caring for each other and respecting each other.

Libertia values friendship and trust in others as a part of learning, as well as facing and defeating one’s own fears. However, above all, it values the capacity of human beings to make choices and the fact that all decisions have consequences, as well as being able to accept and correct mistakes.

Libertia speaks of respecting one’s neighbour as well as accepting the desires, thoughts and feelings of other people.

In sum, Libertia is the path we all follow to become who we are.