ETA BIHAR ZER “So What About Tomorrow”

This show has been put together by three theatre companies, Traspasos Kultur, Gaitzerdi Teatroa and Hortzmuga Teatroa, united in this collaborative project to create the spectacle “Eta Bihar Zer”.  From a cultural standpoint, the show delves into different concepts related to human rights. Collaborators in the show include Ttukunak; war correspondents Jon Sistiaga, Hernan Zin, Mayte Carrasco and Mikel Ayestaran and the youth choir from Guernica, Gaudeamus Korala. Claro de Luna were involved in producing the videos; Oier Ituarte worked with lighting and photography; David Otaegi produced the sound effects; Shanti Basauri composed the music and Oscar de Paz was responsible for stage design and construction.