THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS is an intimate journey, a voyage through a dreamlike landscape, combing play and a delicate humour. It is a project that crosses the line between dreams and reality through a game of symbols where time and space are altered.

The aim is to explore the symbolic potential of El Bosco’s painting, walking through its gardens and feeling a connection with its subtle beauty, giving meaning to the spaces and drawing out its mysteries.

We propose a journey with sound and vision, an experience to inspire curiosity and wonder. A performance with light, sound and sensations.

Life voice and singing:

Saioa Bañales.

Live sound and production of sound space:

Ibon Aguirre.

Creation and construction of characters and props:

Iñaki Aguinaga, @landakotxo.


Banesa Santos.

Idea and creation:

Raúl Cancelo, Ena Fernández.

Scene direction:

Raúl Cancelo.


Nerea Lorente.

Graphic Design:



live music, light and sound art installation; recreation of the “Garden of Earthly Delights” of El Bosco.


around 30 min., timetable to

be agreed.


all audiences.


no text, contains ambient music; voice improvisations and live creation of sound space.

Characteristics of the venue:

+-100 m2; outdoor, indoor or unconventional, must contain some nature; parks, garden areas or wooded spaces.

A space is required to install a 3m x 3m tent, to install technical equipment.

Power socket: standard schuko-type socket, no more than 5 metres from the tent area.Vehicle entry permit to the loading and unloading space, assembly-disassembly: Iveco 3801 CWW (7 metres long; 3.20 metres high).The company will carry all the technical equipment.Fences.Dressing room with mirror and bathroom.