This show is about living a daily life experience, coming across our own reality, where some people escape whereas others have a good time, where some shout whereas others laugh, where some are ready to buy whereas others to sell out; life is a trade in which everybody is doing business.


FEMMES is roving street theatre – without text, conceived to interrupt public spaces, intent on getting passers-by to join in, taking the lead roles, supporting roles or extras in a story they will help to create in every town, neighbourhood, city and square they appear in.

FEMMES is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to coincidence is pure reality.

About Hortzmuga:

HORTZMUGA TEATROA is a street theatre company whose story begins around 1989. Since then, it has carried out about thirty productions and large events that have consolidated it as a company of reference in the Basque scenic arts network.

After a theatrical journey of over twenty five years, Hortzmuga Teatroa wishes, from its very heart, to produce ...

On the blog:

AGUR 2019…

Our year has truly been a journey, both literally and metaphorically. 2019 has been marked by ELLAS, the female protagonists of our stories.

We have travelled with Mrs. JULE, and of course, with our extra-special FEMMES, visiting towns and cities, fairs and festivals, without a thought for the kilometres, the weather or the venue. What more ...

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