OROIMENA, or "memory" in Basque, is the name we have chosen for this new theatrical adventure; a sound-filled, image-filled, experience-filled voyage into our past.


FEMMES is roving street theatre – without text, conceived to interrupt public spaces, intent on getting passers-by to join in, taking the lead roles, supporting roles or extras in a story they will help to create in every town, neighbourhood, city and square they appear in.

FEMMES is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to coincidence is pure reality.

About Hortzmuga:

HORTZMUGA TEATROA is a street theatre company whose story begins around 1989. Since then, it has carried out about thirty productions and large events that have consolidated it as a company of reference in the Basque scenic arts network.

After a theatrical journey of over twenty five years, Hortzmuga Teatroa wishes, from its very heart, to produce ...

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Just a year ago, Jule, Marga, Benito and Bea were born thanks to the priceless help of La Rous, Rosa Díaz; lovingly nicknamed as Andereño (teacher).

Those days were very intense and emotional, we all cried with laughter and discovered great things… That was the starting point of this great adventure called JULE. Just afterwards, we ...

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