is an old ship docked in an unknown port after a voyage of thousands of leagues, and in its hold is a treasure chest filled with sights and sounds which last came ashore at Bilbao’s Maritime Museum on the occasion of White Night 2015.

NAUTILUS is a voyage to the depths of the Maritime Museum; a voyage through its galleries, sailing up Bilbao’s estuary on its history and a vast array of amazing objects; a voyage planned to surprise and speak to the spectators through direct and different communicative channels.

NAUTILUS is a fascinating experience where theatre, music and light combine superbly with objects on display in the Maritime Museum’s exhibitions.

On our voyage we have been joined by Tarima Soluciones Artísticas, Ibon Aguirre, Agus Calavera, Tor Magoa, Shakti Olaizola, Natxo Montero, Ander Unibaso, Izpiñe Soto, Arantza Goikoetxea, Argia Gardeazabal, Alex Antúnez, Raúl Cancelo, Museo Marítimo Bilbao and Bilbao 700.