An explosion in a public place leaves several dead and wounded. Confusion and chaos. The media broadcasts information and misinformation. An arrest and a suspect in custody. Party politics manipulate the facts. Fabrication of an official version allows those in power to generate civil turmoil and to distract attention from other less transparent issues. The media never questions the official version. Social networks show another censured reality. Society and Media on trial. And finally another piece of news, another day, another goal, no problema – the Champion reigns.

“The truth”, as usual, as most things, belongs to a few and, once again, it hasn’t been revealed to us…

A show where THE NEWS is the sole protagonist. 

“I was there, and… they didn’t tell it the way I saw it” is a live, modern theatrical experience for unconventional spaces. With an original and innovative staging with versatile light-generating structures that create spaces and images, it is meant for an active adult public that enters the scene and lives the events firsthand.

Cast: Arantza Goikoetxea, Nabar Zarraga, Aritza Rodriguez, Alex Antunez, Iñaki Aginaga.

Newscaster: Gabriel Ocina

Voice-over: Gabriel Ocina.

Sound Technician and World of Sound: David Otaegi.

Lighting: Javier Garcia.

Video: Aitziber de  Urrutia-Zioarraga

Set Design: Oscar de Paz.

Set Construction: Antigua&Barbuda (Gerard Tubau, Oscar de Paz).

Costume Design and Preparation: Iban Lopez

Graphic Design and Video Production: Iñigo Maestro.

Musical Composition: Shanti Basauri and Rafa Rueda.

Stage Management: Raúl Cancelo.

Assistant Director: Izpiñe Soto.

Producer: Teresa Gutierrez Zabalza.

Playwright: Hortzmuga Teatroa



Hortzmuga teatroa contact person: Teresa Gutierrez  +34639702767

Person responsible for the shows on tours: Raúl Cancelo +34630949598


International Tours – 10 people (5 Actors, 3 Technicians, Company Director and Road Manager). 5 double rooms and full board for the whole Company.

Assembly and dismantlement:

Time for assembly: 5 hours

Time for dismantlement: 3 hours

Support staff: 2 people to help with unloading and loading as well as assembly and dismantling tasks.

Sound test: 2 hours before the show

Lighting test: 2 hours before the show

Changing facilities: for 8 people with shower facilities close to the performance site.

Conditions for the space:

– The required performance space is an open plan square measuring approximately 30 x 30 m. Please consult the troupe if faced with any problems due to the required space.

– The van must necessarily be able to enter to load and unload in the space where the show will take place, and it must therefore be accessible and free from obstacles.

– 10 safety fences.

-Public lighting must be switched off durning show

-10 back-up barriers

-An electrician available on the arrival of the Company for electricity hook-up.


Vehicle details: number plate and characteristics: Ibeco Carrozada. Number plate: 3801CWW. 3.500Kg 7-seater truck. Parking space for truck (7 metres) must be close to performance site