SENTA. Adrift

SENTA. Adrift (SENTA. A la deriva) (inspired by The Flying Dutchman) brings together two of the most iconic street theatre companies in the Basque Country HORTZMUGA TEATROA and DEABRU BELTZAK to create an exciting travelling street theatre production, a dramatised musical, intended to spur awareness and liven up the streets.

At the helm of the ghost ship, SENTA has lost her way and doesn’t know where she is. She doesn’t understand where she is heading and vents her anger incessantly. One fine day, she decides to take charge of the crew to sing loudly to the world. This time, it is she who decides to wander, to live aimlessly, but with dignity.

Because sometimes there is no safe haven and no dry land on which to set foot; but we must always love and celebrate life and sing our sorrows with fire.

This is an exciting dramatized musical travelling show, a street opera for sleepless nights.

Touring crew: 12 people.

Mis-en-scene: Raúl Cancelo / Garbitxu.

Vocalist and lead actress: Saioa Mcash.

Guitarist: Nagore M. Jauregi.

Percussionists / Actors: Zesar A. Ogara; Rubén Sastre; Darío Campos; Alexander Alonso; Iker Barrientos; Erlantz Eizmendi.

Musical direction: Ibon Aguirre.

Composition: Jon Aguirrezabalaga.

Set: Hortzmuga Teatroa, Óscar de Paz.

Costumes : Inma Gómez.

Make-up: Deabru Beltzak and Alicia Suárez.

Instrument design: Deabru Beltzak.

Special effects: Zesar A. Ogara.

Produced by: Nerea Lorente.

Format:  travelling, open-air, night-time show.

Running time:  50 min.

Audience:  all ages.

Capacity: 5.000 people.