(The journey)

One party, one daylight music session, one DJ, one eccentric character and his two assistants and one photographer welcome to all of the attendees that just arrived in this great amusement park called Europe. Here, fun and happyness are guaranteed. Based on the (mistakenly) so-called refugee crisis broken out in Europe, this street performance criticises the hypocrisy of European immigration policy and the dominance of economic measures over human criteria by means of dance, theatre, music and images.

A reflection about borders and walls in times of individual illusory activisms that take place from the comfortable sofa at home and the easy criticism on social networks and that come from the pathological egocentricity of current society.

Performers: Gabriel Ocina, Patricia Urrutia.

Dancers: Aiala Etxegaray, Denis Martínez.

Stage management: Raúl Cancelo.

Choreography: Natxo Montero.

Dramaturgy: Javier Liñera.

Stage design and creation: Óscar de Paz.

Music composition and direction: Ibon Aguirre.

Stage props: Iñaki Aguinaga.

Costume design and creation: Iban López.

Photographer on stage: David Hornback.

Videos: Alphax Studio.

Graphic design: Vudumedia.

Production: Marta Álvarez.

Project management: Nerea Lorente.

Ideia and creation: Hortzmuga Teatroa.

Format: Day-light street theatre.
Audience: Adults.
Duration: +-55 min. per show.

Contact details: 

Contact person of Hortzmuga Teatroa: Nerea Lorente 639702767

Contact person on tour: Raúl Cancelo 630949598

TEAM ON TOUR: 9 people. 4 twin bedrooms and 1 single room are required, as well as full maintenance for the whole team.

Assembly and dismantlement:

Assembly: 5 hours

Dismantlement: 3,5 hours

Supporting staff:

2 assistants for loading-unloading and for assembly and dismantlement.

Sound proof: 2 hours before the show.

Changing room: for 8 people with shower, near the performing area.

Space requirements:

– Performing area: 15 x 15m flat, no obstacles and paved so that platforms with wheels can move easily around the performing area.

– Electricity: 32A triphase in red Cetac of 5 poles (three-phase, neutral and ground) – 380V. In this way, we can get 16A of security so that highest power peaks don’t go off.

– A lifting crane for setting-up and dismantling. (Regulation UNE 58923; specialized staff to drive the crane is NOT required).

The van must necessarily be able to enter to load and unload in the space where the show will take place, and it must therefore be accessible and free from obstacles.

10 security fences.

An electrician must be at our disposal at our arrival to help us with power outlet.