SENTA. Adrift

SENTA. Adrift (SENTA. A la deriva) (inspired by The Flying Dutchman) brings together two of the most iconic street theatre companies in the Basque Country HORTZMUGA TEATROA and DEABRU BELTZAK to create an exciting travelling street theatre production, a dramatised musical, intended to spur awareness and liven up the streets. At the helm of the […]

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SPACES CHANGE. PEOPLE CHANGE. SOUNDS CHANGE. AND CITIES CHANGE   OROIMENA. A stroll through memories of open spaces. A sound-filled, image-filled, experience-filled voyage into our past.   OROIMENA as a metaphor for the resilience of human-kind and the spaces we inhabit. The individual – the person as a reflection of social change. OROIMENA plays with

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Libertia is a fantastic adventure created by the troupe itself, in which puppets, larger dolls, actors and humour are combined. A street theatre show that addresses freedom from the viewpoint of childhood. Libertia tells us the story of three puppets that need to be physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared in order to be free. Three

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(The journey) One party, one daylight music session, one DJ, one eccentric character and his two assistants and one photographer welcome to all of the attendees that just arrived in this great amusement park called Europe. Here, fun and happyness are guaranteed. Based on the (mistakenly) so-called refugee crisis broken out in Europe, this street

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FEMMES is roving street theatre – without text, conceived to interrupt public spaces, intent on getting passers-by to join in, taking the lead roles, supporting roles or extras in a story they will help to create in every town, neighbourhood, city and square they appear in.

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